Week 6 – assignment a and b

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Assignment A:

 Prior to working on this discussion, read, the “IT Managers’ Requisite Skills” article (found in the online classroom), the Information Technology and Tomorrow’s Manager (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. article, review any relevant information in this week’s lecture, and research at least two additional credible sources on the topic. (Access the MISM Credible Resource Guide (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. for assistance with finding appropriate credible professional resources.) 

Based on what you’ve learned throughout the course, analyze the role of the IT manager in business and create a job description for an IT Manager. Your job description can be for the organization for which you currently work, or one for which you have worked in the past. Your description should include a minimum of six skills that an IT Manager should possess and a minimum of six responsibilities the role will include. In a separate paragraph, explain whether or not you plan to pursue a career as an IT manager. Describe at least one factor that might prevent you from pursuing a management role.

Links to use incase the ones listed about don’t work:


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Must be a minimum of 300 words.

Assignment B:


IT Proposal

For this assignment, you will analyze the roles of information systems in business and create an IT Proposal. You will take on the role of an IT manager and apply the methods for developing information systems to address business needs by including aspects from the major elements examined during the course that comprise information systems.

As an IT manager, you will have an impact on the technology decisions made by your organization and will often be asked to put together business proposals to provide solutions for the organization, as well as for existing or prospective customers. For this assignment, you will create a proposal for the following scenario. 


ABC Corp is a software company with a staff of fewer than 50 employees and a very large client base. The company is currently using an in-house proprietary customer relationship management (CRM) system that is reaching its maximum capacity. Additionally, ABC uses a web portal for their sales team to enter contracts, and a product enhancement database to capture defects and enhancements requested by customers. The systems contain redundant customer data that needs to be centralized. The systems have many silos that have resulted in an inefficient work-flow process for users, missed sales opportunities, and poor customer experiences because of the inability to access all customer data in one place. The company is in search of a scalable solution that streamlines operations and improves customer relations. 

Include the following information in your IT Proposal.

  • Analyze the current information system in place at ABC Corp and its role in the current challenges identified.  
    • Describe the challenge(s) presented in the scenario and the impact of the challenge(s) to the organization. Include any potential data security issues that could occur as a result of the current information system.
  • Create an information system for implementation at ABC Corp that will solve the identified challenges.
    • Explain how the proposed information system solution will solve the problems.  Support your statements using the textbook and/or other credible sources.
    • Evaluate your proposed system and explain why the proposed solution is the best approach including issues of scalability, streamlining of operations, and cost effectiveness. Support your statements using the textbook and/or other credible sources.
    • Explain how the proposed information system solution will ensure data quality and security. Support your statements using the textbook and/or other credible sources.
  • Distinguish among the hardware components, operating systems, programming languages, programs, and applications your proposed solution will contain. 
    • Create a high-level diagram of the major elements that are required for implementing the solution.
  • Evaluate the systems development life cycle (SDLC) process as it relates to your proposed solution, and describe how you would implement it in the development.
    • Determine the approach you will use for implementing your proposed solution, by revising the SDLC diagram you created in Week Four.  Include the revised diagram in your proposal.

The IT Proposal