Web security now and in the future


Web Security Now and in the Future

Assignment Overview

Security issues on the Web are real and make national and international news as well as exciting plot lines for spy films. In this project you can be an investigative reporter, web expert, or spy thriller researcher as you probe the factual issues and incidents of web security now and in the near future.

Assignment Directions

First, get acquainted with recent news events in web security, such as the WikiLeaks story. Look for fact-based reporting of these events and the people involved as your basis (along with fictionalized accounts if you choose). Research legislation and debates among policyholders on security topics. The discussion of Net Neutrality on the FCC website is a good starting point at www.fcc.gov. Search that website for other sources and news items to thoroughly familiarize yourself with the topic.

Use your research skills and web interests to develop a point of view. Ask yourself these questions:

  • What do you consider the major topics?
  • What’s your opinion on these topics?
  • What arguments can you present to support your view?
  • What do others say about the subject?
  • What is being done, and in your opinion, what needs to be done in the near future?
  • What are the causes or consequences of poor security?
  • How do you feel about regulations that limit freedom of information?

Submission Requirements

As you research, prepare an outline for your topic. List your sources in your outline to make it easier for you to present your report. Write a report of 3-5 pages, or create a PowerPoint slideshow presentation, or compile a multimedia audio/visual presentation at least 5 minutes in length. Whichever format you use, be sure to include:

  • Title
  • Introduction to your topic
  • Why you chose it
  • A brief history or overview of your topic
  • A discussion of the issue or incident you’re covering
  • Arguments for and against, and your sources
  • How you feel about the issue and why
  • What is being done about it
  • What you think should be done
  • How it will possibly affect the future
  • Your conclusion and closing ideas and remarks
  • A list of your sources

Use your own words, and if you use video, audio clips, photos or images, be sure the Terms of Use allow student use. Give a concise and compelling report of your topic and present your argument persuasively. Demonstrate what you’ve learned in your research and all you know of telecommunications that applies.

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