Tiana Moore started a new business, Tiana’s Solutions, and completed the following transactions… 1 answer below »

Tiana Moore started a new business, Tiana’s Solutions, and completed the following transactions during its first year of operations.

a. T. Moore invests $95,000 cash and office equipment valued at $20,000 in the company.

b. The company purchased a $120,000 building to use as an office. It paid $20,000 in cash and signed a note payable promising to pay the $100,000 balance over the next ten years.

c. The company purchased office equipment for $20,000 cash.

d. The company purchased $1,400 of office supplies and $3,000 of office equipment on credit.

e. The company paid a local newspaper $400 cash for printing an announcement of the office’s opening. f. The company completed a financial plan for a client and billed that client $1,800 for the service.

g. The company designed a financial plan for another client and immediately collected a $2,000 cash fee. h. T. Moore withdrew $5,000 cash from the company for personal use.

i. The company received $1,800 cash from the client described in transaction f.

j. The company made a payment of $2,000 cash on the equipment purchased in transaction d.

k. The company paid $2,000 cash for the office secretary’s wages.


1. Create a table like the one in Exhibit 1.9, using the following headings for the columns: Cash; Accounts Receivable; Office Supplies; Office Equipment; Building; Accounts Payable; Notes Payable; T. Moore, Capital; T. Moore, Withdrawals; Revenues; and Expenses.

2. Use additions and subtractions within the table created in part 1 to show the dollar effects of each transaction on individual items of the accounting equation. Show new balances after each transaction.

3. Once you have completed the table, determine the company’s net income.


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