This unit has been designed to cover the required elements in an

Assignment extract:

“You have just completed your degree in Accounting – congratulations. You have been working for several years for BMG (Big Money Grabbers) Accounting in Albury and now want to go and do your own thing.

You have decided to open your own firm. You have leased space in Wodonga and decided that you will require two additional accountants (one senior, one junior) and at least one admin person.

You are required to complete the attached business plan template for this new venture. Much of the detail is up to you to guesstimate and you do not need to be 100 percent correct with your estimations but as prospective accountants, the financial figures are something you should pay particular attention too.

This unit has been designed to cover the required elements in an interesting way. There is a good chance that you will end up running your own small business or be asked to give clients advice in running theirs. Use these templates and guides to get a feel for things that you may need to know, understand and be able to advise on.

As mentioned, pay particular attention to the financials but also consider how you would establish, market and run your business. Be brief where you can and I would expect that this completed document be not much more than 20 pages at most. Feel free to work with classmates to reduce your workload and remember that this is an example not a plan that you will take to market.”

you need complete form (Kelly’s Accountant 2) 
the new company is Kelly’s account , this a virtual company, Sole business , home business. 
you can use any name for staff, but the customers and competitors need from Australia account company . if u do not how to write financial statement, u can leave it 

do not need too much words, total just 1000 words is enough . 


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