The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission was founded in xxxx, for the purpose of providing xxxx.

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission was founded in xxxx, for the purpose of providing xxxx. After a strong introductory sentence, you will continue providing the important background information and the current role of the commission in regulating securities and publically held companies. You memo should not exceed two pages.
You may want to include at times the use of bullet points. Be very careful you do not over use these. Perhaps two to four at the most, and they must be complete sentences. And, it is just fine to not use them, at times they help set off a key point or attribute you want to call attention to (see example below). Bullet points are used to support key paragraphs in a memorandum. They generally make is easy for the reader to see key facts that are “called out” with the bullets. Again, they are not necessary, but work well at times with complex issues.
• The Securities and Exchange Commission has five Commissioners who are appointed by the President of the United States with the advice and consent of the Senate.
• Their terms last five years and are staggered so that one Commissioner’s term ends on June 5 of each year.
• To ensure that the Commission remains non-partisan, no more than three Commissioners may belong to the same political party.
• The President also designates one of the Commissioners as Chairman, the SEC’s top executive.
You need to provide a closing which is not a “summary”, it is merely the transition to close out the memo to the person you are communicating with. You do not put a signature since you have placed your name on the header. Your closing needs to be well orchestrated so you do not leave the reader hanging. An example might be something like: I found learning about the SEC to be quite useful in my study of business and understanding the regulatory body and its role in the oversight of public companies in the US. Furthermore,

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