SPRING CORPORATION Internal Memorandum Date: Jan 17, 2016 To: Supervisor cc: From: Alex…


Internal Memorandum


Date:  Jan 17, 2016
To: Supervisor

From: Alex Brown


I would like you to kindly allow me to attend a course on advanced business writing course which will be offered at a subsidized fee at Colorado Technical University. The course is necessary to my business administration writing niche since the usual tuition fee for studying is thrice as much. The recent debugging and contemporary coding skills required are offered in this subsidized module. However, only a few institutions issue the accreditation and for a very limited period of time, after this it will recede to the standard rates that will definitely be exorbitant (Gordon, Desjardins, & Keyes, 2013).

The usual advanced course takes an uninterrupted 7 – 8 weeks, which may seem cumbersome owing to the fact that my duties are usually required on a regular basis. On completion I will be able to handle technical business documentation, a crucial area in business writing that we have been outsourcing from an independent firm since our firm’s inception; this will help cut any related costs. In addition, the idea of me going for training was a managerial decision that was supposed to happen this year. The business writing course will also enable me to be coherent when it comes to performing business writing activities of the firm. Unfortunately, this period coincides with my intended time for official leave days, thus, will further complicate my off duty schedule. The experience will add a lot of value to the firm’s goals and objectives as a business writer. It is a two-week intense training program and since my assistant Paul has sufficient writing knowledge about our routine duties in the business area and, therefore, service delivery will be seamless. Furthermore, in the case of unexpected emergencies I will be thirty minutes’ drive away; worth mentioning, is that I will be available over the weekends to perform the routine support and back-up duties that are required of me (Iqbal, & Anwar, 2013).

I believe the training will eventually help us make a quantum leap in business administration writing in our firm; kindly consider my request in this short timeline.






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Iqbal, T., & Anwar, B. (2013). Communication Strategies: A Critical Discourse Analysis of a Business Letter. Middle-East Journal of Scientific Research, 16(5), 607-613

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