Short story sharing! | Literature homework help

Choose one short story from Module 5 that we have not read, or select a film or series in the horror genre.  Read or view your selection and then respond to this discussion by addressing the following:

1. Briefly summarize the story you selected.

2. Then, briefly review the story. Watch the following video to learn about the components of a good review (you can skip the summary since you will have already written it). Your review does not need to be a formal essay, but be sure to include the essential information (author, title), your personal reflection on the story, and some critical analysis of at least one element of literature you found to be particularly good (or particularly bad).  Finally, give it your recommendation: thumbs up or thumbs down? This assignment will be approximately 500 words in length. 


Charles Dickens, “The Signal-Man,” 1866

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