Sales & purchasing management | Marketing homework help


Individual task. One essay-type answer


  • For the document: Word count 1500-2000 words
  • Cover, Table of Contents, References and Appendix are excluded of the total wordcount.
  • Font: Arial 11 pts.
  • Text alignment: Justified.
  • The in-text References and the Bibliography has to be in Harvard’s citation style.
    Read the case below and follow the link to their website
    Consider the following company for case 2 Sysdoc
    In your essay, address (but do not limit yourself to) the following areas:
  • The sales processes used by sysdoc to maintain and improve client relationship
  • The role of sysdoc’s sales force within the organization
  • Sysdoc’s client communication strategy

At Sysdoc, the company aims to celebrate simplicity and look to remove complexity in operating models, process, people and systems to deliver great impact for

thei clients. They pride themselves on being partners rather than suppliers. They consult, collaborate, challenge and create, to deliver great work. They draw on

three core offerings of Business Transformation, Learning Innovation and Digital Experience and build on the premise that good is never good enough



Evaluate the sales operations management functions and its role in salesforce effectiveness and productivity; Apply procurement strategies to effective account management.

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