Retrieve the S&S In-Chapter Database 1 answer below »


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Retrieve the S&S In-Chapter Database (in Microsoft Access format) from the text’s Web site (or create the tables inTable 4-5 in a relational DBMS product). Write queries to answer the following questions. Note: For some questions, you may have to create two queries—one to calculate an invoice total and the second to answer the question asked How many different kinds of inventory items does S&S sell? b. How many sales were made during October? c. What were total sales in October? d. What was the average amount of a sales transaction? e. Which salesperson made the largest sale? f. How many units of each product were sold? g. Which product was sold most frequently?

You must include of the actual database file you used to get your screen shots from

You must include a screen shot of the query (or queries) created and a screen shot of the results for each question.

Be sure you include the question and label your queries as 4-4.x (where x=question letter).

Paste all screen shots into a Word document and save the word document