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Two paragraphs, two references no more than 5 years. 

A group of DNP scholars and Ph.D. scholars can collaborate on research and present evidence to elicit change. Once the evidence-based practice change is determined, they help disseminate the information, and the DNP scholar can assist with education and training for implementation.

These advanced practice scholars are at the forefront of a breakthrough with research and evidence-based practice. Multidisciplinary teams form a Plan-Do-Study-Act or 8-step project to implement change and gather data. Creating a group presents the opportunity for multiple disciplines to collaborate and strategize patients’ care (Root et al., 2020).

The DNP scholar thinks more on a systems level and provides direction for the healthcare system (Zaccagnini & White, 2017). DNP scholars mesh in continuous learning and improvements. Nurses who obtain a DNP commit to providing evidence-based practice and ensuring that nurses are carrying this out at the bedside on the microsystems level of healthcare (Trautman et al., 2018).

In my workplace, strategies utilized to help others embrace change include town hall meetings, nursing research conferences, and nursing grand rounds sessions. These opportunities support nurses in generating new ideas and participating in the decision-making processes. Thus, allowing them to feel empowered and engaged in the work they do. 


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