Refer to the ?nancial statements of the City of Vero Beach in Chapter 3 and to Tables 11-2 and 11-3.


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Refer to the financial statements of the City of Vero Beach in Chapter 3 and to Tables 11-2 and 11-3 in Chapter 11. Where, in Vero Beach’s CAFR, would you look for information about the following items that may contribute to assessing Vero Beach’s economic condition? Cite the appropriate section of the CAFR and be as specific as you can about the location (financial statements, notes, supplementary tables, etc.) of the information that you seek. 1. An analysis of Vero Beach’s overall financial position and results of operations, including the impact of important economic factors 2. Demographic statistics 3. Whether property tax revenues have been an increasing or decreasing proportion of general revenues in recent years 4. Key accounting policies 5. Current percentage of total operating revenues of all governmental activities that is from intergovernmental revenues 6. Ratios of outstanding debt by type 7. Trends in pension plan assets compared with actuarial accrued liabilities for benefits 8. A description of currently known facts, decisions, or conditions that have, or are expected to have, a material effect on financial position or results of operations 9. Cash paid by internal service funds for insurance claims 10. Net cost to taxpayers of the Municipal Marina 11. General infrastructure assets View Solution:
Refer to the nancial statements of the City of Vero