Proposed course for development | EDU 522 Theory and Practice of e-Learning | Strayer University

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Refer to attached document for more direction on the assignment

Write a 4–6 page paper in which you:

  • ●  Describe a course that you plan to develop for this class, including at least three goals of the course.
  • ●  Describe the target learners, discussing at least three unique needs and/or challenges the online learners face.
  • ●  Develop six relevant learning outcomes for the course.
  • ●  Propose the primary learning theory or theories you would apply to ensure students achieve the
    outcomes, providing a rationale for each theory or theories.
  • ●  Propose three ways to motivate students in the online environment, providing a rationale for
  • ●  Provide at least three academic references published within the last five years to support your