Project management | Operations Management homework help

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Develop a 10- to 12-slide (no more than 12 slides…no less than 10 slides for EVERYTHING (yes this means everything to include the intro slide, closing slide, works cited (if needed) submitted in the Powerpoint) presentation for final senior management review.

Include the following four main sections in your presentation:

  • Section 1 – Project Scope and Benefits: Describe the scope of the projects, their objectives, and the specific measurable impact they will have on the business or organizational results. This section is an overview of the project that briefly reviews the Project Management Plan, including the schedule and budget.
  • Section 2 – Project Implementation Plan: Include the final Project Implementation Plan, which must include a Human Resource Plan, Procurement Plan, Quality Assurance Plan, Communications Plan, and Risk Analysis, that includes how you might mitigate the identified risks.
  • Section 3 – Project Closure Process: Include the recommended project closure process. Remember to consider how you will do recognitions and rewards and how the team will identify its learning for future projects.
  • Section 4 – The Sales Pitch: Provide a sales pitch to sell the project to the customer, project committee, or project council. The pitch should clearly define the project focus, identify its benefits, and detail the impact it will make on the business. Remember to focus on what senior leaders would value as a stakeholder.