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Prepare a Powerpoint that provides a visualization:

  • preparing for the implant placement
  • placing a surgical implant
  • uncovering and placing healing abutment
  • You are not discussing the restorative process

1. Visualize each step in the correct sequence, identifying the appropriate instrumentation. (to start, scalpel, periosteal, to handpieces, drills, sterile saline, to healing abutment, etc.,) if you want to use a different technique to gain access to the alveolar (e.g. tissue punch) go right ahead!  Teach us something!

-The minimum number of slides is 8 not to exceed 12 slides. Two of the slides are Title and Resource. Slides that have content that you borrowed, you must cite the slide using APA.

-The Title Slide Must Include the Title of your presentation, your name, and date.

-In the Last Slide, you will provide all your resources using APA.