** Please show work and formulas Business Decision Case The following total cost data are for Ralsto


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** Please show work and formulas Business Decision Case The following total cost data are for Ralston Manufacturing Company, which has a normal capacity per period of 400,000 units of product that sell for $18 each. For the foreseeable future, regular sales volume should continue at normal capacity of production. Direct materials. …………………… Direct labor. . . . . . . . . . Variable overhead ………. Fixed overhead (Note 1)……… Selling expense (Note 2) ……. Administrative expense (fixed) $1,720,000 1,120,000 560,000 880,000 720,000 200,000 $5,200,000 Notes: 1. Beyond normal capacity, fixed overhead cost increases $30,000 for each 20,000 units or fraction thereof until a maximum capacity of 640,000 units is reached. 2. Selling expenses are a 10% sales commission. Ralston pays only one-half of the regular sales commission rates on any sale of 20,000 or more units. Ralston's sales manager has received a special order for 48,000 units from a large discount chain at a special price of $16 each, F.O.B. factory. The controller's office has furnished the following additional cost data related to the special order: 1. Changes in the product's construction will reduce direct materials $1.80 per unit. 2. Special processing will add 25% to the per-unit direct labor costs 3. Variable overhead will continue at the same proportion of direct labor costs. 4. Other costs should not be affected. Required a. Present an analysis supporting a decision to accept or reject the special order. Assume Ralston's regular sales are not affected by this special order. b. What is the lowest unit sales price Ralston could receive and still make a before-tax profit of $39,600 on the special order? Increased revenue attributable to the special order Increased variable costs attributable to the special order (Calculate the per unit variable cost first, the the total) $ . Per unit variable cost Units in special order Total variable costs Contribution margin Incremental fixed costs Increase in net income before taxes Should the special order be accepted? Why, or why not? b Meeting a target profit: Adjusted unit variable cost (w/reduced commission) Total adjusted variable costs Total increase in fixed costs Desired net income before income before income taxes Total cost (excluding commission) plus desired net income before income taxes 39,600 39,600 $ ($501,600 +0.95) Minimum price per unit