Please help! I have to do a report on Starbucks it must contain all this information: • An introduct


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Please help!

I have to do a report on Starbucks it must contain all this information:

• An introduction in which you describe the company, their position in the industry, their history over the last five years, and why you are interested in researching the company.

• A top-level analysis of the company.

Are they a job order or a process system company?

What type of company are they?

How are they organized relative to centralized or decentralized?

What are the major drivers of their costs?

How do they capture and measure their cost?

Your analysis should include research using the web into publicly available articles, analyst reports, and blog sites. You will note these sources on your reference page.

A detailed analysis and commentary about their revenues, costs, and profitability over the last five years.

Critical thinking and commentary about their forecast for revenue, cost management, and profitability for the next five years.

Construct simplified financial statement analysis showing the company’s liquidity and solvency along with analysis and data showing their profitability or lack thereof.

Following the analysis, you are to read the management discussion from their annual report and provide an evaluation of the management analysis.

Do you agree with company management, do you believe they are telling the full story, do you believe this is a solid company for investment?

Finally, include a section in which you briefly cover any unusual items found in the annual report or the interim statements and filings.

An overview of their capital investment history along with analysis and commentary about capital commitments which have been made but are not yet producing revenue.

In your conclusion you will assume the role of a corporate manager that has been asked to make an investment recommendation. You were asked to recommend a company into which your company would purchase $1,000,000 of stock as an investment. Your company is seeking high growth with limited risk. Therefore, make a critical thinking argument in which you recommend investing or not invest in this company. Include a financial projection of what will be the rate of return on the $1,000,000 over each of the next five years.

Use of the memo template, proper construction, spelling, and grammar, overall quality of the report.

Overview of the company with appropriate independent research and multiple opinions .

Financial analysis including supporting charts, graphs, and an appropriate level of detail in the presentation.

Capture the financial history of the company and a review of the future projection for the company and the industry.

Review and analysis of the annual report management commentary regarding the history and future potential of the company.

Recommendation and supporting material for whether or not the company should make the $1,000,000 investment, including supporting details on the value of the investment based upon stock shares owned and the future projected stock price.