Peachtree Lab 4 of 5: Transaction Processing Summary In this Lab you continue using Peachtree…


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Peachtree Lab 4 of 5: Transaction Processing


In this Lab you continue using Peachtree Complete 2010 General Ledger Accounting Software. All of your work will be done using the following: Practice Set: “Comprehensive Assurance & Systems Tool (CAST), An Integrated Practice Set, 2nd Ed., by Laura R. Ingraham and J. Gregory Jenkins. This Practice Set uses the “Winery at Chateau Americana” case project. Peachtree Complete 2010 software available from the iLab tab under Course Home

This week’s lab will focus on Transaction Processing. Deliverables

Create a file named PT_Lab_4_LastName_FirstInitial.docx – contains screen prints of your work as indicated in the lab steps. i L A B S T E P S STEP 1: Preparation Open a Word document and save it as PT_Lab_4_LastName_FirstInitial.docx. This is where you will paste your screen shots of your progress through this Lab. At the top of the Word document, add the following: Your Name Your Instructor’s name Course Number Date Peachtree Lab 4 When indicated in the lab steps, take a screenshot of your computer screen and paste it to this file. At the end of the Lab, you will upload this Word document containing the screen shots to this week’s Lab dropbox. Review the following pages in the CAST Practice Set – Computerized AIS-70 thru 77 Use Transaction Set A (page Computerized AIS-77) Start Peachtree: Open the iLab Tab in Course Home and then click on the “Toolwire” link. STEP 2: Setting Up Inventory Starting on page Computerized AIS-70: “ENTERING TRANSACTIONS”, complete Requirements 1-10. (pages Computerized AIS-70 thru 76)
USE TRANSACTION SET A located on Page Computerized AIS-77 Bring up the Trial Balance Screen, take a print screen and paste it to your Word document. Label this screenshot – “Transaction Processing – Set A”

Note: You can close the file and Peachtree will automatically save your work. STEP 3: Submitting the Deliverables Close Peachtree and your work will be automatically saved by Peachtree. Deliverable Save your Word document containing your two screen shots. Submit the Word document to this week’s Lab dropbox. QUESTION TITLE :- DEVRY ACCT571 WEEK 6 LAB