Need to solve the word count program using hadoop streaming following

1. In class we wrote a MapReduce program in Java to compute the word counts for any given input. In this assignment, you will repeat solving the same problem but using Hadoop streaming. 

2. Create two scripts in Python namely and to be used by the mappers and reducers of the streaming job. 

3. Your script files must be executable (consider chmod command), and must include the necessary shebang (like in the attached script files).

 4. Attached are the script files we used in class to demonstrate Hadoop streaming, namely: and They can help you to get started. 

5. Recall the streaming command:

 $ mapred streaming    

 -files <executable_map>,<executable_reduce>   

  -mapper <executable_map>    

 -reducer <executable_reduce>   

  -input <input-path>    

 -output <output-path> 

(extra options: -combiner, -numReduceTasks, etc.)

MaxTemperature Example file is the program file discussed in Class.

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