Module 5: project assignment eaa final paper


In this assignment, you will write a polished analysis of the biological, psychological, and social components of the topic from your experiential activity. You will use information and evidence from the prior steps, your actual experience of the topic, and the required six sources (three of which must be peer-reviewed journal articles) to complete the following:

  1. A 6 page analysis paper of the activity, not including the title or references page. The EAA Final Paper should utilize relevant information and sources from the earlier steps, and be organized like your outline with use of the same headings (introduction, biological component, psychological component, social component, and conclusion). You will expand from the outlined ideas to a full and strong thesis, as well as fully developed topics within each component. Typically, each component will have 2-3 topics explored.
  2. Your actual experience of the topic should be incorporated as appropriate for additional evidence, but do not use first person (I, me, my, etc.). Observations from the experience can be great evidence to add to the analysis of your activity. However, part of learning APA writing format is avoiding the use of first person and writing in a more formal, academic tone. This can be especially important when studying an often personal topic like sexuality. An example of the difference between informal first person and formal APA could be:
    • The audience at the burlesque show was more than 50% female, which contradicts stereotypes of what gender(s) might want to see women perform the art of striptease.


    • I was surprised that the audience was more than 50% female at the burlesque show I went to.
  3. An examination, explanation, and interpretation of the biological, psychological, and social aspects of your topic. Support these interpretations with evidence from your academic sources and experiential observations. Draw conclusions about your topic and support these conclusions with evidence from your academic sources. The conclusions you draw should demonstrate deep, critical analysis about the activity’s impact on the individual and/or society, and have evidence from your academic sources to support them. You may choose to write an argumentative, informative, or compare/contrast style paper. Most students choose either argumentative or informative for this assignment.
    • Remember to incorporate specific examples from your experience. The examples from your experience should be appropriately connected to your academic research.
  4. Include an accurate References page, formatted using 7th edition APA format, with at least the six required sources, three of which must be peer-reviewed journal articles.

You may not use first person (I, me, my) in this paper. Your analysis should use the 7th edition APA format and:

  • Have a title and references page.
  • Use correctly formatted in-text citations.
  • Use 12-point font, Times New Roman, double-spaced, with 1-inch margins.
  • Be spell-checked and proofread.