Learning Activity #1Considering the five basic options listed below that are available for competing


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Learning Activity #1Considering the five basic options listed below that are available for competing in international markets, discuss in detail the factors that a firm must consider when selecting each of these strategic directions.Direct Exporting,Creating a wholly owned International Subsidiary,International Franchising,International Licensing, andCreating an International Joint Venture or Strategic Alliance.Learning Activity #2There are two parts to this discussion question.Part ASelect and identify from any two of the five Scenarios below, and describe a specific business situation that may warrant pursuing the individual strategy(ies) in that scenario. Please provide your response in list form, identifying the strategy and then the business situation, an example is provided here.(Example)Scenario1 – Concentration Strategies Market Penetration – (your response). Market Development – (your response).Scenario 5 – Retrenchment Retrenchment – (your response). Restructuring/Divestment – (your response).Scenario 1 – Concentration StrategiesMarket PenetrationMarket DevelopmentProduct DevelopmentScenario 2 – Horizontal Integration StrategiesMergers & AcquisitionsScenario 3 – Vertical Integration StrategiesBackward Vertical IntegrationForward Vertical IntegrationScenario 4 – Diversification StrategiesRelated DiversificationUnrelated DiversificationScenario 5 – Retrenchment StrategiesRetrenchmentRestructuring/DivestmentPart BDevelop and provide a Boston Consulting Group (BCG) Matrix for one of the Strategies in the group you selected above, identifying the matrix quadrant that is applicable to that strategy. Be sure to discuss whyyou selected the particular quadrant for that strategy.