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You will use Microsoft Excel spreadsheet software to analyze a list or table of data. In Lab 1 we will use Microsoft Excel PivotTable functionality to analyze data. Using the Lab1.xlsx download file continue to update this spreadsheet to create the following pivot tables:

  1. Pivot Table 1: Sales by Region, Product Type, and Product (rows) by Quarter (columns)
  2. Pivot Table 2: Sales by Product and Customer (rows) by Quarter (columns)
    1. Include a Graph of Pivot Table 2
  3. Pivot Table 3: Average Sales by Product and Region (rows) by Quarter (columns) Filtered by the Top 10 Selling Products in Quarter 3
  4. Focus your responses on the business represented in Lab 1 and use Zara’s experience Chapter 3.2 in your textbook to examine how the business in Lab 1 can use information technology to evaluate product offerings, inventory, logistics, marketing, and profitability. Write a response to the following questions in a Word document:
    1. What is the business in Lab 1? How would you apply the Zara model to the business represented in Lab 1?
    2. What can you determine about the sales of the business represented in Lab 1? What does the analysis of the pivot tables tell you about Lab 1 quarterly sales? Refer to the results in Lab 1 pivot tables to answer this question.
    3. What observations about the data can you provide the business represented in Lab 1? What additional data or information do you need to make actual recommendations? 
    4. The instructor will be grading the 500+ Microsoft Word paper using the Lab Rubric.

Getting Started

Resources available to help you get started include:

  1. Review the Lab Rubric to understand how Lab 1 will be graded.
  2. A demonstration assignment is recorded in Module 1 – Discussion
  3. Review ExcelLinks to an external site. topics to become familiar with Microsoft Excel.
  4. Review Intro to Pivot TablesLinks to an external site. to learn how to organize and summarize data in Microsoft Excel.
  5. Download the Lab1.xlsx downloadfile to get started, enhance the existing Microsoft Excel spreadsheet to address the requirements for the Lab 1 Assignment and save the changes.
  6. Write a response for Lab 1-Step 4 in a Word document.


You will need to submit the following:

  1. Submit (attach) your updated Lab 1 Microsoft Excel spreadsheet (.xlsx file).
  2. Submit (attach) your Lab 1-Step 4 Microsoft Word document (.docx file).
  3. Submit any additional comments that you believe are helpful.