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For this assignment, please identify an ethnically or culturally diverse restaurant, business (market, shop, or store), or place of worship in their community that serves a group of people different from their own upbringing and heritage.

  • Engage respectfully with the organization—for example, you could eat a meal, shop for goods, or attend a worship/religious activity.
  • Informally talk to the business owner/religious leader, employees, and/or people at the location to find out more about the group of people the organization typically serves. For example, if you choose a restaurant, ask the server about the food being served, how the food is prepared, how to eat it, to what extent is the real authentic/traditional to the culture, and what mealtime is like for that culture; seek to understand more about this group that is different from you. Consider a visit to a restaurant during non-peak meal times for the least disruption. If you choose a business or place of worship, proceed in a similar, respectful manner. Consider carrying out this activity with classmates or with family/friends.
  • After completing this part of the assignment, develop a 2-page reflection paper (approximately 500 words) on your experiences. The paper should include the following:
    • A description of your initial reactions/feelings about the setting
    • A description of what you learned about members of your community who are different from you
    • Then identify 1-2 additional things you would like to know about this community/population
    • A description of what you learned about yourself during the experience
    • A discussion of what you learned and experienced in this activity relates to public health nurses and public health nursing practice
  • Submit the completed paper to this assignment dropbox.