I am a student of EST, and now I have a group open project, which required us to design a device…

I am a student of EST, and now I have a group open project, which required us to design a device using components as shown below. We can choose maximum 9 credits worth of components, and the credits are marked after each component. I am asking for some good ideas. Please describe what can be made and what components should be used. Please provide ideas as more as possible.

1-101-Ultrasonic Sensor-Credit 1
2-102-Sound Wave Sensor (MAX9812)- Credit 2
3-103-Microphone Sound Detection – Credit 1
4-104-UV light detection- Credit 3
5-105-Photoresistor Sensor- Credit 1
6-106-Digital Light Sensor (BH1750FVI)-Credit 2
7-107-Color Sensor (TCS3200D)-Credit 3
8-108-Temperature Sensor (18B20) -Credit 1
9-109-Liquid Temperature Sensor (18B20)-Credit 2
10-110-Temperature Analog Sensor-Credit 1
11-111-Temperature and Humidity (DTH11)-Credit 1
13-113-Hall Digital Sensor-Credit 1
14-114-Hall Linear Sensor-Credit 1
15-115-Reed Switch-Credit 1
16-116-Air Pressure Sensor bmp180-Credit 2
17-117-IR Detection Sensor(Forward obstacle avoidance)-Credit 1
18-118-IR Reflectable Sensor(down) -Credit 1
19-119-Flame Sensor-Credit 1
20-120-IR Optocoupler-Credit 1
21-121-Human Body IR Sensor-Credit 1
22-122-Smog Sensor(MQ-2)-credit2
23-123-Alcohol Sensor(MQ-3)-Credit 2
24-124-Rain Sensor-Credit 1
25-125-Soil Moisture Sensor-Credit 1
26-126-Water Height Sensor-Credit 1
27-127-6 Axis Motion Sensor(MPU6050)-Credit 2
28-128-Vibration Sensor-Credit 1
29-129-Ball Tilt Switch-Credit 1
30-130-Heart Rate Sensor-Credit 2
31-131-PM2.5 sensor-Credit 3
32-132-Optical fingerprint reader-Credit4
33-133-alcohol sensor-Credit 3
34-134-Electrocardiography sensor-Credit 3
1-201-Button-Credit 1
2-202-Joystick-Credit 1
3-203-IR Remote Receiver + Controller-Credit 1
4-204-Rotary Encoder-Credit 1
5-205-Button Based Matrix Keyboard(4×4)-Credit 2
6-206-Film Matrix Keyboard(4×3)-Credit 1
7-207-Touch Button-Credit 1
8-208-Touch Button with Light-Credit 2
9-209-RFID Reader-Credit 2
10-210-Gesture Sensor(APDS9960)-Credit 2
1-301-SMD RGB Color LED-Credit 1
2-302-NeoPixel LED Ring 12- Credit 2
3-303-Mini LCD screen 128×64-Credit 3
5-304-Double Color LED-Credit 1
6-305-LED Matrix(MAX7219)-Credit 2
7-306-Laser Emitter- Credit 2
8-307-Colorful LCD Touch Screen 2.2 inch (UART -Credit 3
9-308-OLED Screen 0.96 inch-Credit 3
10-309-Passive Buzzer-Credit 1
11-310-Active Buzzer-Credit 1
12-311-Vibration Motor-Credit 1
14-312-Stepper Motor-Credit 2
15-313-Relay-Credit 1
18-314-IR Emitter-Credit2
1-401-Bluetooth (HC-06)-Credit2
2-402-24L01 SPI Communication module-Credit 2
4-404-315MHz Wireless Module-Credit 2
In-line RGB three primary colors-Credit 1
Voice module + speaker-Credit 1
2-way relay (5V)-Credit 1
4-way relay (5V)-Credit 1
Automatic color change LED-Credit 1

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