HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules Question A A large component of the HIPAA privacy and security rule

HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules

Question A

A large component of the HIPAA privacy and security rule focuses on administrative safeguards. What are these safeguards and how are they different than physical safeguards? In your main response also include a discussion as to who is responsible for the implementation and subsequent oversight of such safeguards. Be sure to cite appropriately.

Question B

You just graduated and have landed your dream career in the medical field. During your first month on the job, you realize that your fellow coworkers are not taking healthcare privacy seriously. In fact, while out to lunch at a restaurant, you are shocked that your team is discussing patients and make no effort to keep the conversations quiet. You find yourself in an awkward position. You don’t want to be the one employee who everyone treats differently because you “snitched” yet you realize the severity of the situation and fear the consequences should you do nothing. Discuss what you would do at this point.

Must be 150 words per question

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The Administrative Safeguards, according to HIPAA Security Rules, is defined as the administrative actions and procedures to manage security measures to protect electronic health information. The Safeguards require the covered entities to conduct the risk analysis in the process of their security management. These safeguards include the security management process, security personnel, evaluation, workforce training and management, and information access management (HHS, 2017). Physical Safeguards, on the other hand, focus on facility access and control and workstation and device security. For the security management process, the covered entity must identify the potential expected risk and implement the necessary security measures to manage them. The entity must also elect a security official whose responsibility is to develop and implement the security procedures and policies………

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