HI5019 Strategic Information Systems for Business and Enterprise (T1, 2013) Assignment (20% of Final


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HI5019 Strategic Information Systems for Business and
Enterprise (T1, 2013)
Assignment (20% of Final Mark)
The assignment has two parts namely Part A (20 marks) &
B (20 marks). Part A will require you
to answer four (4) questions. Part B will involve two (2)
cases selected form your textbook,
Information Systems 8th edition by James A. Hall.
The assignment aims to develop an understanding of
Accounting Information Systems structure
and their use in the business setting. The task is to answer
questions relating to transaction
processing, ethics, fraud and internal control. This
assignment itself includes several
assignments, each of which comprises a part of the students’
task. However, it is well
encouraged to include any additional information that
students may think will be useful in
completing the task.
General Rules and Requirements:
Reports must be
confined to 3,000 words (+/- 5%). As a minimum, a title page, table of
page (based on your report headings), introduction,
conclusion and references should be
included. Font type should be Arial (size 11), paragraph
spacing should be 1.5.
Note: Any additional material from external sources that you
“copy and paste†into your report is
NOT included in the word limit. Also, ensure it is
appropriately referenced.
PART A (20 marks)
1. How does SOX
affect the provision of attest and advisory services? (5 marks)
2. Compare and contrast the relative advantages and
disadvantages of sequential, block,
group, alphabetic and mnemonic codes. (5 marks)
3. Discuss the non accounting services that external
auditors are no longer permitted to
render to audit clients under SOX legislation. (5 marks)
4. Identify six classes of physical controls employed in the
expenditure cycle and give one
example of each. (5 marks)

Use Sox popular 190(Act)
Sarbanes oxley Act for above Question
PART B-Case Study (from your textbook) (20 marks)
Part B1 Case Study (10 marks)
Chapter 3
Ethics, Fraud and Internal Control
Bern Fly Rod Company (pp. 138-139)
Analyze Bern’s situation and asses any potential internal
control issues and exposures. Discuss
some preventive measures this firm may wish to implement.

Part B2 Case Study (10 marks)
Chapter 4
The Revenue Cycle
Spice is Right Imports (Stand-Alone PC-Based Accounting
(pp. 203-204)
1. Analyse the physical internal control weaknesses in the
system. Model your response
according to the six categories of physical control
activities specified in the COSO
internal control model.
2. Describe the IT controls that should be place in the