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Assignment Instructions

Hazard Profile Worksheet

At the end of Week 3 you turned in your Hazard Vulnerability Assessment Worksheet and I reviewed them for accuracy and acceptance. If I made any recommended changes to the worksheet, correct them and use it as the basis for developing a Hazard Profile Worksheet for each hazard identified in the Hazard Vulnerability Assessment Worksheet (one for each type of hazard; natural, technological; and manmade). Complete one Hazard Profile Worksheet for each  hazard identified in the Vulnerability Assessment Worksheet.


  1. Download the HazardProfileWorksheet.docx.  This contains 20 blank forms to fill.  You can copy and paste, or delete pages, to match the amount of hazards you have previously identified on all three tabs of your previous assignments.
  2. Write your name and date on the first sheet.
  3. Fill in a page for each hazard you identified in all three tabs of your Vulnerability Assessment.  If you have difficulty checking the boxes, you may alternatively remove the unchecked options.
  4. Add your first initial and last name to the filename. ie: AJonesHazardProfileWorksheet.docx
  5. Submit here in the classroom.

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