Gestalt grouping principles | Applied Sciences homework help



Research the Gestalt grouping principles, which are listed below.

  • Proximity
  • Similarity
  • Common fate
  • Closure
  • Good continuity
  • Area
  • Symmetry
  • Surroundedness
  • The Prägnanz principle

Find three different examples of the principles in a website or an application. Take screenshots of each one.

Assignment Requirements

Start your presentation with a title slide. In 1–2 slides provide an overview of the Gestalt principles and discuss why it is important to consider them in interface design.

In a PowerPoint presentation, present your 3 examples. Each example should have at least 1–2 slides. For each example, identify and explain how the principle is used. Identify the website or the application and provide a screenshot of the website or application showing the principle. Explain why the use of the principle is effective or not.

In the next 1–2 slides, discuss your thoughts on what makes a website or application easy to use and navigate.

In the final slides, explain what screen real estate is and discuss why it is important to consider when developing an interface. Provide a screenshot of the site or an application with a good use screen real estate and one with a poor use of screen real estate. Explain what is good or bad with each and note at least one way to improve the latter one.

Your last slides should include your APA formatted references.