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Develop a four week long resistance training program for the athletic (pick a sport such as soccer or basketball- not ‘gain muscle’ or ‘lose fat’) population of either high school, collegiate, or professional.

3-4 days per week, designate what day of the week; Monday, Wednesday, etc etc.

Goal of sport population must align with either strength OR muscular endurance OR hypertrophy OR power. NOT toning or weight loss, NOT A BARBELL ATHLETE.

Save item as a PDF, keep it concise. with 4 weeks of training and warm up and cool down it should be not longer than 3 pages or 4 at most.

Indicate the training goal(s)

Include the days for training, the approximate estimated time to complete each session, and all components of the training session:

Warm up (exercise selection in order, volume)
Cool down (exercise selection in order, volume)*Specify if warm up and cool down will be the same for all training sessions or if it will change based on the day.

Workout [exercise selection in order (ABC/123 designation), volume, load, rest] FOR EACH TRAINING SESSION

Please indicate progressions of numbers, exercises, or other training variables from week to week by using a highlight or other color indication to clearly show your intended changes.

This document needs to be completed on the provided template. Submissions that do not use the template will not be graded!!!

Template w-WU and CD.xlsx Download Template w-WU and CD.xlsx

Below is a mesocycle feedback video I made for past classes. Watch it ahead of time and you may better your score: MESOCYCLE FEEDBACK.mp4 

MESOCYCLE FEEDBACK.mp4 Download MESOCYCLE FEEDBACK.mp4Play media comment.

Program as if your lifter has access to a full gym, this is not the time for makeshift workouts. Use traditional barbell/dumbbell exercises

Lifts should include tempos, percentages, and rest times.