For each separate item, state in which of the four areas of the problem-solving process the item…

The concierge’s department of a large hotel normally has a head concierge and nine concierges on duty during the day shift for the peak tourist months. During the past peak month, there have been far more than the normal number of guest complaints about the slow service received, creating a problem for the rooms department manager. The following are descriptions of several situations or events pertaining to the concierge service department. For each separate item, state in which of the four areas of the problem-solving process the item belongs. The four areas are defining the problem, identifying alternatives, gathering information, and making the decision.

a. Several guests have complained to the front office manager that they are experiencing a longer than usual wait for service or that they have been receiving poor service.

b. The bell service department has priorities for jobs. The check-out baggage of guests is handled first. Second is guest check-in baggage.

Third is delivery of other items to guest rooms. Fourth is the sale of airport limousine, bus tour, and theater tickets. Fifth is other requests for service.

c. One guest complained that their theater tickets were for the wrong night.

d. One guest suggested replacing the head concierge with a better organizer.

e. One guest complained that a request to have flowers purchased and delivered to another guest’s room was never carried out.

f. The paging system that allows the head concierge to signal to concierges when they are away from the service area has malfunctioned three times in the last month and has taken as long as 24 hours to repair.

g. One of the desk clerks suggests that the sale of theater and bus tour tickets be handled by a new person who will operate strictly on a commission basis.

h. The rooms department manager will consider having a commission arrangement for next summer, since it is too late to do anything about it this year.

i. The head concierge suggests hiring one more concierge.

j. One concierge has been away sick for the past two weeks.

k. A sick concierge was replaced by a temporary employee who was not familiar with the hotel and its operating procedures. The replacement’s work was marginal.

l. Guests who complain are advised of the concierge desk’s order of priorities.

m. During the past month, the hotel’s occupancy has been 10 percentage points above normal for that month, creating extra demands by guests for service.

n. The rooms department manager has approved the hiring of one extra temporary concierge for as long as occupancy stays above normal.

o. A new paging system will be purchased with a maintenance contract guaranteeing instant service.

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