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Aspects of totalitarianism were used in Communism and Fascism. Both parties had dictators, they consist of one single party, and deny the individual rights of citizens. After the death of Vladimir Lenin, Joseph Stalin took course to make the Communist party and himself powerful. He used his private police to rid the opposition. He would have rioters and all other forms of opposition arrested or murdered so they were not able to speak against him. The Great Purge of 1933, was and act to eliminate his rivals within the Communist party and the government. He knew a strong economy was necessary to be able to compete with other countries so he needed to rebuild the economy. To improve the Soviet Union’s industries he set Five Year Plans by increasing the steel market, oil, and coal. Stalin production threshold was set too high to obtain but there was an increase. He took over private farms, but the owners rebelled against him and ruined their crops and killing their livestock. so he couldn’t control it. Many farmers and peasants died as a result as a result of the famine and Stalin’s private police killing them for their actions.


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