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 Ethics and the Police

Police discretion can lead to multiple moral dilemmas for police officers and police organizations. Chapter 2 in your text and the Cops and Ethics (Links to an external site.) video explore ethical situations often faced by police officers (Barber, 2010). For this discussion, develop at least three guidelines for police agencies to use in creating a police discretion policy. Detail the potential negative consequences of such a policy. Your discussion should include specific examples to support your policies.


Required Resources


Banks, C. (2016). Criminal justice ethics: Theory and practice (4th ed.). Retrieved from

  • Chapter 2: Police Ethics: The Nature of Policing and Police Corruption
  • Chapter 6: The Purpose of Criminal Punishment
  • Chapter 8: Ethics in Correction: Guarding Ethically 


Barber, R. (Writer & Producer). (2010). Cops and ethics (Links to an external site.) [Series episode]. In R. Barber (Executive producer), In the Line of Duty, Volume 13. Retrieved from the

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Supplemental Material

Hicks, W. (2015). CRJ524 professional resources list Download CRJ524 professional resources list. Retrieved from Resources List.docx

  • This document provides additional resources in the form of articles, multimedia, and websites that may be helpful in the development of your learning in the field of criminal justice. This source may assist you in your weekly discussions.