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Module 2 Discussion: What does it mean to grow up? DUE 02/25

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Thinking about the readings from this Module, write a 400 word discussion board post in which you explore one or more of these questions:

· What elements of short stories stand out the most? How do elements like setting, symbolism, or characterization help us understand a story’s meaning?

· What popular movies or TV shows address the topic of coming of age? Choose one and discuss how it answers the question “What does it mean to grow up?”

· What did you read or learn in this Module that was surprising or unexpected? What surprised you?

· How did the literary works illustrate the ideas of this Module?

After writing your post, be sure to review and edit before clicking “Submit.” Then, respond to 2-3 classmates with a substantive reply… You can ask questions, agree or disagree, expand on their ideas, or make connections between their post and yours. Replies should be 3-4 sentences each.