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 Field Placement assignment  Bozeman Science – NGSS (videos)                               

This series of 60 brief videos covers the practices and concepts found in the NGSS as well as disciplinary core ideas for the physical, life, and earth sciences. Learn about integrating concepts in engineering, technology, and society. This is an especially useful collection of videos that will help you become familiar with the NGSS as well as give you ideas for teaching STEM topics. Part one: You will watch all 60 video clips and prepare a power point presentation document by summarizing what you have learned from the videos. How did the videos help you understand the standards?  How did the videos help you understand and connect to each of the science domains: Life science, earth and space and physical science?  Part two of the assignment involves you developing a quiz from the videos which will include 2) short answer questions, 4) true or false questions, 4 fill-in the blank questions, and 4) matching questions. Beneath each question you will list the DOK level as well as the Blooms taxonomy level.

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