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In the Previous Discussion Form, You have assessed the level of complexity of the CC , Now you are invited to further discuss this assessment considering the complexity factors we discussed in week 5. The factors are presented with their corresponding ratios in slide #8.

Your task is to discuss these factors with their weights by reflecting this chart to the Climate Change issue.

Do you think there weights are valid for the Climate Change

– If so how and why do you think so, give detailed summary by commenting on each factor.

– If not, why do you think so, Propose a new weight for each factor in light of your understanding to the  climate change issue

– Produce a Radar Diagram (refer to Week 3 tutorial video) showing the weights of the most significant factors 


  1. The radar diagram needs to have 5 characteristics selected from amongst the ones shown in Slide 8, Week 5 lecture.
  2. The selection of these 5 characteristics needs to be justified in the assignment. Their weights also need to be justified or changed depending on your previous assignment submission and views regarding it relevant to Climate Change
  3. The weight then shall be used to plot the 5 characteristics on the radar diagram.