Discussion airline ops | Applied Sciences homework help

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Discussion 3

Do you think that air cargo revenue will ever exceed passenger revenue? Why or why not? Discuss several factors that will influence air cargo growth in the future ans share your thoughts with your classmates.

discussion 4 

Discuss some of the problems faced by an airline scheduling department that are similar to problems of other industries and some problems that are unique to the airline industry. Discuss three marketing related problems. What is meant by traffic flow? Sensitivity of schedule salability? Share one example of the latter with your classmates.

Discussion 5

Discuss and share with your classmates the importance of the fleet-planning process to both short-term and long-term management decision making in an airline. How is this process in a sense betting on the future? What effect has deregulation had on the fleet-planning process? 

discussion 6 

Discuss with your classmates the difference between aircraft maintenance performed under Part 91 and Part 121,  particularly in regards to the  organization, structure, inspections, and training required. In addition,  discuss the four maintenance efficiency goals and name several of the inspection and overhaul periods for a jet as it is routed throughout a system. Share your personal experience with the class in this arena whether you work in operations, or as a mechanic or pilot.