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Diverse Customers at the Hotel

In this assignment, you will use what you have learned in your reading and outside research to answer questions regarding the following scenario:

Scenario: As a customer service manager at Thistle Hotel in Austin, Texas, you are in charge of many employees that work with diverse customers. Your supervisor has asked you to research and write a report that can be distributed to the employees regarding tips on handling diverse customers.

Instructions: In a minimum of a 300-word paper with additional title and reference pages, address the checklist items using at least 1 in-text citation with accompanying reference in the current edition APA format and citation style. The in-text citations should support the contentions in your report regarding the checklist items.


  • Explain the best way to handle culturally diverse customers.
  • Provide information on how to accommodate elderly customers. Explain what elderly means, and describe the diversity of elderly customers.