Critical thinking | Business & Finance homework help

1. What could be the career fallout for someone who is unwilling or unable to train to become a better communicator? can workers today be successful if their writing is and remain poor?

2. sharing various digital media impulsively can lead to embarrassment and worse. have you or has someone you know ever regretted posting a comment, photo, or other media online?

3. How do you feel about the work-life balance in today’s 24/7 “anytime” anywhere” digital workplace? do you anticipate negative effects on your health personal life?

4. critics complain that texting and instant messaging lead to textspeak, poor writing characterized by acronyms abbreviations, and emotions, others claimed that emoji help supply important missing cues in lean media channels that are toneless otherwise what do you think

5. Ethical issue:  Josh in the accounting department tell you that heard from a reliable source that 15 percent of staff will be fired within 120 days. You would love to share the juicy news with other department members for their own defense and planning, should you? why or why not

400 words

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