City of smithville chapter 5 journal entries 2 answers below »


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During late 2013, the voters of the City of Smithville authorized tax-supported bond issues totaling $10,000,000 as partial financing for a series of projects to construct streets, curbs, culverts, and storm sewers in various parts of the city. The estimated total cost of the series of projects, which are expected to extend over the next three years, was $11,200,000. In addition to the bond financing, voters also approved a special ½ cent sales tax to assist in financing the projects. The sales tax begins January 1, 2014 and will continue for two years. The sales tax is projected to generate $400,000 each year.

Record journal entries in the general journal of the Street Improvement Fund, as appropriate, for each of the following transactions. Remember to enter the correct year and paragraph numbers. Do not record entries at this time in other affected funds; those entries will be made in the later chapters of this cumulative problem that cover the affected funds. You should, however, make all required entries in the governmental activities general journal at the government-wide level.

1. In early 2014, design plans and specifications for the first project, the “Elm Street Project,” were submitted by a construction engineering firm. The firm billed the Street Improvement Fund for $40,000.

Required: Record this billing and the related Vouchers Payable liability in the Street Improvement Fund and governmental activities journals. (Note: this transaction was not encumbered.)