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Discussion Topic

Time series are particularly useful to track variables such as revenues, costs, and profits over time. Time series models help evaluate performance and make predictions. Consider the following and respond in a minimum of 175 words:

  • Time      series decomposition seeks to separate the time series (Y) into 4      components: trend (T), cycle (C), seasonal (S), and irregular (I). What is      the difference between these components?
  • The      model can be additive or multiplicative.When we do use an additive model?      When do we use a multiplicative model?
  • The      following list gives the gross federal debt(in millions of dollars) for      the U.S. every 5 years from 1945 to 2000:

Year    Gross Federal Debt ($millions)

1945    260,123

1950    256,853

1955    274,366

1960    290,525

1965    322,318

1970    380,921

1975    541,925

1980    909,050

1985    1,817,521

1990    3,206,564

1995    4,921,005

2000    5,686,338

  • Construct      a scatter plot with this data. Do you observe a trend? If so, what type of      trend do you observe?
  • Use      Excel to fit a linear trend and an exponential trend to the data. Display      the models and their respective r^2.
  • Interpret      both models. Which model seems to be more appropriate? Why?

Questions | History homework help

What justifications does Albuquerque give for the attack on Malacca? Which might have been the most important in the sixteenth century? 

2.     What are three reasons for European overseas exploration? As more countries tried to expand overseas, did these motives change? Or, more directly, which motive was exploited the most?

3.     What did Cortés focus on in his description of the Aztec capital city? Why do you think Cortés felt justified in conquering the city?

4.     In what ways did Bartolomé de las Casas’s Destruction of the Indies help create the image of the Spaniards as “cruel and murderous fanatics?” What may have de las Casas’s motives behind such imagery and reaction to the events in the “New World?”

5.     Analyze the interaction between King Louis XIV of France and the King of Tonkin. What are the underlying beliefs and approaches of the two rulers? How are they alike? Different? How does each date their letters? What do you infer from these dates?

6.     Why and how did Japan succeed in keeping Europeans largely away from its territory in the seventeenth century?





1.     According to Grimmelshausen, what was the effect of the Thirty Years’ War on ordinary Europeans?

2.     During the 17th century, at whose expense did Austria expand? What territories did Austria add by 1772?

3.     Describe the rise and fall of the Ottoman Empire during the sixteenth, seventeenth, and the eighteenth centuries. Why did the Ottoman Empire initially succeed? Why did it falter?

4.     What motivated Cromwell’s political and military actions? What was Edmund Ludlow’s criticism of Cromwell, and how did Cromwell respond? In what ways did Edward Hyde see both good and bad features in Cromwell? How do you explain the differences in these perspectives?

5.     How did the Bill of Rights lay the foundation for a constitutional monarchy? What key aspects of this document testify to the exceptional nature of English state politics in the seventeenth century?

6.     What theories of government were proposed by Jacques Bossuet, Thomas Hobbes, and John Locke, and how did their respective theories reflect concerns and problems of the seventeenth century?




1.     What did Copernicus, Kepler, Galileo, and Newton contribute to a new vision of the universe, and how did it differ from the Ptolemaic conception of the universe?

2.     What does the correspondence between Galileo and Kepler reveal about an emerging spirit of scientific inquiry? What other notable achievements must European society have reached even to make this exchange of letters possible? What aspects of European material culture made the work of these scientists easier? What language were these letters written in?

3.     What does Galileo think is the difference between knowledge about the natural world and knowledge about the spiritual world? What does Galileo suggest that his opponents should do before dismissing his ideas? In what ways does Cardinal Bellarmine attempt to refute Galileo’s ideas? Why did Galileo’s ideas represent a threat to the Catholic Church?

4.     What did Paracelsus, Vesalius, and Harvey contribute to a scientific view of medicine?

5.     What arguments did Spinoza use to support the idea of female inferiority? What was the effect of this line of reasoning on the roles women could play?










State nurse practice agreements | Nursing homework help

 Briefly describe the practice agreements for PMHNPs in your state.

Explain the two physician collaboration issues that you identified.

Explain what you think are the barriers to PMHNPs practicing independently in your state.

Outline a plan for how you might address PMHNP practice issues in your state

 Identify at least two physician collaboration issues in your state.

2 -3 page 

Dont aceept if you cant do it

Well writing | Computer Science homework help

Topic: Why Writing Well Matters 

  • In your first paragraph, consider that you are an employer seeking to hire someone. There are only two applicants and their IT skills and credentials seem equal, but one has sent a resume and cover letter with many grammar errors and an informal style that seems inappropriate. You have decided to hire the person whose application materials were well written. Justify why this was an appropriate decision, and what could happen if an employee consistently makes errors.
  • In your second paragraph, write about your comfort level and experiences in writing in a formal style.

Last reply for discussion | Psychology homework help

Replies Prompt: Select two of your classmate’s tweets and reply in one of three ways: 1) tell how your classmate’s tweet has changed your thoughts about aging, 2) tell whether or not you think his or her tweet is supported by evidence from our course textbook, and 3) discuss additional advice that might be helpful. Each reply must cite at least one item of information from our textbook (using current APA formatting). 

Exp19_powerpoint_appcapstone_introassessment_color | Computer Science homework help


#Exp19 PowerPoint AppCapstone IntroAssessment Color

Project Description:

As a student in the marketing program, you have been asked to create a  presentation on the power of color and its impact on marketing. You  have begun a presentation and now need to add the content to the  presentation.

Start   PowerPoint. Download and open the file named Exp19_PPT_AppCapstone_IntroAssessment_Color.pptx. Grader has automatically added   your last name to the beginning of the filename. 

Change the theme fonts to   TrebuchetMS.

Click Slide 5 and use the Reuse   Slides option to insert all slides from Color.pptx.
   Keep the source formatting of the original slides (inserted slides).  Note,   Mac users, insert all slides from the file using the default  formatting.

On Slide 13 in the left content   placeholder, insert the Orange1.jpg   image. In the middle content placeholder, insert the Orange2.jpg image. In the right content placeholder, insert the Orange3.jpg image.

  Apply the Drop Shadow Rectangle picture style to the three images. 

On Slide 3 insert the ColorWheel.mp4 video file. Make the   following changes to the
   • Apply the Monitor, Gray video style.
   • Set the video to start Automatically.
   • Compress the video

On Slide 16 insert the image Balloon.jpg as a background image on   the slide. Change the transparency to 10%.

On Slide 4 convert the bulleted   list to a Vertical Box List  SmartArt graphic. Make the following changes to   the SmartArt graphic:

• Change the colors to Colorful Range   – Accent Colors 4 to 5.
   • Change the SmartArt style to Intense Effect.
   • Change the text font size in all four shapes to 28 pt. 

On Slide 16 apply the Gradient   Fill: Purple, Accent color 5, Reflection WordArt style to the text Questions?

  Make the following changes to the WordArt:

  Increase the font size to 96 pt.
   • Change the Text Fill to Gold, Accent 3.
   • Apply the Wave Up text effect in the Transform gallery (Mac users: Apply   the Wave 2 text
  effect in the Transform gallery).
   • Change the Shape Height to 2.8″.
   • Set the Horizontal position of the shape to 0.8″ and the Vertical   position to 1.7″.

On Slide 15 insert an Oval shape   on the slide.

  Make the following changes to the Oval shape:
   • Change the Shape Height to 1.5″ and the Shape Width to 1.5″.
   • Type Blue   in the shape   and apply the Moderate Effect – Dark   Blue, Accent 6 shape style.
   • Change the font color of the text to Black, Background 1, increase the font   size to
20 pt and apply Bold.
   • Set the Horizontal position of the shape to 3.15″ and the Vertical position to 4.5″.

Make a copy of the formatted   oval shape and paste on the slide. Set the Horizontal position of the new   shape to 7.15″ and the Vertical position to 4.5″. Highlight the text in the   shape, and type Red, apply the Moderate Effect – Red, Accent 1 shape style.

Copy the formatted oval shape   again and paste on the slide. Set the Horizontal position of the new shape to   11.15″ and the Vertical position to 4.5″. Highlight the text in the   shape, and type Yellow, apply the Moderate Effect – Gold, Accent 3 shape style.

On Slide 5 insert a table with 2   columns and 6 rows.
   Make the following changes to the table structure:
   • Apply the No Style, Table Grid table style.
   • Change the width of the first column to 2.4″.
   • Change the width of the second column to 6.3“. 

Type the following information   into the table:
   Row 1: Col 1: Red; Col 2: Excitement, Youthful, Bold
   Row 2: Col 1: Blue; Col 2: Trust, Dependable, Strength
   Row 3: Col 1: Yellow; Col 2: Optimism, Clarity, Warmth
   Row 4: Col 1: Black; Col 2: Power, Mystery, Intensity
   Row 5: Col 1: Green; Col 2: Peaceful, Wealth, Growth
   Row 6: Col 1: Orange; Col 2: Friendly, Cheerful, Confidence

Set the height of the table to 3.9″. Center Vertically the text in   the first and second columns of the   table.

In the table, apply the   following shading:
   •Red, Accent 1 to the cell with the text Red   
   •Dark Blue, Accent 6 to the cell with the text Blue
   •Gold, Accent 3 to the cell with the text Yellow
   •Dark Green, Accent 4 to the cell with the text Green
   •Orange, Accent 2 to the cell with the text Orange

On Slide 14 insert a Clustered   Column chart. Replace the  spreadsheet information with the following   information: Leaving cell  A1 blank, type Percentage in cell B1. Populate cells   A2:B5 with the following:

Red 29%
Blue 33%
Black/Grayscale 28%
Yellow 13%

  Change the source data to use the range A1:B5.

Make the following changes to   the chart:

  • Apply the Style 4 chart style
   (Note, ensure that the selected style contains the silvery background color,   gridlines, and inside end data labels.)
   • Remove the chart title, gridlines, and legend.
   • Increase the font size of the data labels to 32 pt.
   • Change the Shape Fill of the Blue data point to Dark Blue, Accent 6
   • Change the Shape Fill of the Black/Grayscale data point to Black,   Background 1
   • Change the Shape Fill of the Yellow data point to Gold, Accent 3

On Slide 15 select the blue   circle shape, press SHIFT, and then  select the rectangle shape with the blue   outline. Group the shapes.  Repeat for the two remaining shapes on the slide   to group each of the  circle shapes with their associated rectangle shapes.

On Slide 14 apply the Fly In   animation (Entrance category) to the  chart. Set the Effect Options to   Sequence By Element in Series. Set  the animation to start After Previous. Set   the Delay to 00.75.

Add page numbers to all slides   with the exception of the first slide. 

Apply the Push transition to all   slides.

On Slide 1 type Welcome to   the power of color presentation. (including the
   period) as a speaker note.

Check the presentation for   spelling errors, and correct any errors.

Save and close Exp19_PPT_AppCapstone_IntroAssessment_Color.pptx.   Submit the file as directed.

Since hitler’s early attempt by selective breeding to produce

Since Hitler’s early attempt by selective breeding to produce children with certain characteristics.

The science of Infertility has developed beyond belief in the last 20 years.     …

  • How do you react to this new branch of genetic knowledge to produce children?
  • Is there any real difference between this science today and what Hitler’s Leibensporn experiment tried to accomplish to produce a master race?
  • Do people have a right to have children?
  • What does Judeo-Christian Tradition teach?

Case study 2 sbe-330 week 2 1. zara is a late but successful

Case Study 2


Week 2



1. Zara is a late but successful entrant to the global textile market. How did it search for – and create – opportunities to give it a niche? Is the Zara model sustainable? What would you do to preserve their edge over the next 5–10 years, given that many other players are now looking to follow their example? If you don’t think it can survive, give your reasons for why you think the model is unsustainable and will fail.




2. You have been hired as a consultant to a small clothing manufacturer who wants to emulate the success of Zara and Benetton. She wants advice on an innovation strategy which takes the key lessons from these successful firms. What would you offer?




3. Zara Home has just opened using the same basic business model and deploying the same innovative approach as the rest of the business but in the home goods field. Do you think it might succeed and why?




4. How might Zara search at the edge of its current business to avoid being surprised or disrupted by a new entrant entrepreneur reframing the business?

Compare and contrast essay | English homework help


(a) Study the transition of images and storylines between early and recent Disney feature film—images of manhood, womanhood, male-female relations, age, race, ethnicity, class (you would study one or more of these images). OR

(b) Relate characters and events in one or more films to some historical phenomena. OR

c) Combine [a] and [b] above. For example, you could do a paper on the changing perceptions of women and work between Snow White and Seven Dwarves and Mulan, and include an explanation of how women’s changing roles in American society are reflected in the difference between Snow White and Mulan. 


For main topic. This means that you must come up with a focus. For example, it is not enough to say that you want to compare and contrast Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and Maleficent. You must narrow down your idea and decide on the focus or theme of your comparison and contrast. Will you be comparing beauty standards? Leadership roles? Family roles (mother, wife, lover)? Changing images of body types? The meaning of magic in relation to gender? The changing meanings of true love and the kiss? These are just examples of a focus. You should come up with your own thematic focus. And you should try to make it sound as sensible and direct as you can.

Assignment 2: mid-term evaluation and self-assessme

For this Assignment, review your agency learning agreement and the results of your midterm evaluation. Consider how your field education experience fulfilled the goals and objectives in your agency learning agreement. Reflect on what you would like to gain in future field education experiences.

he Assignment (4-5 pages):

  • Describe whether you met or did not meet the goals/objectives in your agency learning agreement and include the results from your evaluation.
  • Compare your learning agreement and your evaluation to critically consider how the two are compatible and how you may approach completing the learning agreement differently next term.
  • Describe the social work practice skills you developed.
  • Describe potential areas where you might need improvement in relation to social work practice skills, ethics, or professionalism.
  • Explain how your next field education experience might address those areas.
  • Explain how participation in this course might inform your future field courses, what will you do the same, what will you do differently.
  • Be sure to submit the results of your evaluation to this assignment