Case study 2 | Operations Management homework help

 The case study (A Novice Manager’s Tale of Woe) will include a Synopsis and three Findings of Fact.  


Synopsis. Each case study paper/presentation will contain a synopsis. A synopsis is a brief overview of the case. Please prepare your synopsis as if I (and your colleagues) do not have the whole case study. Your synopsis should be concise, complete, and fully describe the situation “as you see it.” The synopsis should not exceed 3-4paragraphs (one to one and ½ pages).


Findings of Fact. Findings of fact are important issues discussed in the case studies and usually identify potential problem areas for the firm. Each case study paper will identify three findings of fact. Each finding of fact should be no more than one or two sentences in length. Be succinct.


Recommendations/Justifications.  Recommendations are directly tied to the findings of fact. For each finding of fact, a thorough and justified recommendation must be provided. General statements and blanket conceptual recommendations that are not fully justified with the facts of the case are not acceptable.


Length and Format.  The length for each written case study will not exceed ten pagesPapers should be double-spaced, using a typeface (font) of no less than 10 points. MLA

A sample case study is attached