Article review | Education homework help


Directions: Select a peer reviewed article from an education journal that discusses an issue of interest in the field of special education. The article should have been written within the last five years. The article should consist of a minimum of three pages.       

Article is relevant to coursework and published w/n the past five years. 

1. Write a summary of the article. Citations from the article and your textbook must be included.

2. Write an opinion of the article’s viewpoint. Using citations include how the article relates to our readings and discussions in EEX 2000. 

3. Your article summary and review should not be longer than four pages. 


Summary is thorough stating/discussing main ideas of   article, citations from article/text included. (2 pages).       

Summary is thorough and detailed   and includes a minimum of 3 citations from article/text included.


Reflections/Opinions have been presented with supported details from readings.       

Opinion(s) have been presented in   the reflection section and supported with a minimum of 3 citations from article/text.


Review has been written in APA style.