Article review | Biology homework help


or this assignment, you will conduct an article review of the following article (instructor will choose relevant, timely article).  This review should be three (3) pages double-paced, 12-point font. Title pages and the reference page(s) do not count towards the three (3) pages double-paced, 12-point font. The review should contain:

Bibliographic Information:

  • Authors
  • Title of Article
  • Date article was published    


  • State the main idea or thesis of the article
  • Summarize the most important information, facts and ideas presented in the article.         

Personal Reflection:

  • What is your critique of the article (was it effective in communicated the presented ideas)?
  • What did you find interesting or surprising?
  • What did you learn?    

For grading expectations please view the attached rubric. Download rubric.

Scott, J.D., Newton, A.C. (2012). Shedding light on local kinase activation. BMC Biol 10, 61. (Links to an external site.).