Afas hiphop cinema | History homework help

Write these papers like any other academic paper, with full explanations and resources. You will need ONE new academic article which you can locate on your own through the online UA Library.  You can alternatively use a primary source for relevant quotes. 

Consider the ebook Understanding Aspects of Black American Hip Hop Cinema and the quote on page 20 that begins “In other words, the stereotypes obscured the…” and additionally pick one specific quote from one of the readings Rockabye Baby or What It Do Shorty? or Black Males, Urban Life, and Gangstas.  You will have two different quotes from different class sources to consider.  Starting with a thesis, contrast how black males and females are portrayed or not portrayed in Set It Off AND in Straight Outta Compton or in New Jack City.  You can consider stereotypes or power relationships for example.  Describe specific scenes from the film and note the colors, background, music, dialog, etc that prove your point.   Important for this assignment is that in your writing, you describe aspects of mise en scene (lighting, sets, clothing, music, etc.) that visually support your ideas. Follow the discussion guidelines and use information from a source that you develop that is not in the class.  End your essay by reflecting on current events.  Do any of the ideas still seem to apply to what we see today? 

Remember, your job is to use academic writings and your own interpretations to produce an essay that analyze racial factors, words, themes, mise en scene as they project beliefs.


  • 600 Minimum Words for initial post for Discussion/Essay 
  • Contains a thesis
  • At least 3 proofs to support the thesis
    • two from course materials
    • one from your own academic or primary research
  • Use of in text citations with page numbers
  • Works cited with webpage links or full printing press information
  • Good Grammar
  • Discretionary points for Excellence