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Client name is Samantha Wood age 15, her first visit concerns were mood swings and emotional distress. Her second visit concerns were being disturbed by boys in class and reports withdrawal from friends. Her third visit concerns were feeling of heightened motivation.  

For this assignment, you have again met with your fictitious adolescent. 

  1. Considering previous discussions with the adolescent and recommendations you have made, was the adolescent able to apply the resolution/coping skills to their identified issue (you could discuss successful application of recommendations, partial application, or noncompliance)?
  2. What challenges did the adolescent report to implementing these processes?
  3. In this session you also checked in with the adolescent on any change in the reporting issue. Has the adolescent recognized other possible reasons why they are having this issue?
  4. How can a therapist/school counselor help the student through this process?
  5. Based on what you have learned in this course, what information can you share with the adolescent that can move your sessions to another level to help resolve the reported issue?

Write 3 page a report summarizing the discussions above.  INTAKE FORM ATTACHED (must be filled out.

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