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SWOT analysis, or the analysis of a companies strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, helps a business leader assess their competitive position relative to the business market, environment, competitors and customer interest. 1. Based on research you conduct using scholarly literature on SWOT analysis, answer the following questions: 2. What analytical questions should be asked to identify the current position of the firm? 3. What role does a business consultant play in SWOT analysis? 4. To what does a business compare their strengths to when conducting a SWOT analysis? 5. To what does a business compare their weaknesses to when conducting a SWOT analysis? 6. To what degree can a firm compare market opportunities to their capabilities using SWOT alone? 7. What additional tools can be used along with SWOT to provide a more complete picture of the businesses current competitive position? 8. What other tools or analyses can be done to interpret results? 9. If managers find a disconnect between the firms competitive position and their capabilities, what can or should be done?


7 reference / 4 of which is peer-to-peer Reminder: APA format required. Respond in 2100-2450 content words, not including title page, abstract, or references.