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1. Part II: The studies on diversity and inclusion often find conflicting results in relation to the performance of diverse groups. Some research indicates that diversity has no relationship on the group’s performance, and other research shows that the greater diversity the team has, the poorer the group’s performance will be. Finally, some research shows a positive relationship for diverse groups and their performance.

For this discussion, consider your current organization or one that you have worked for previously. Based on the results listed above (no relationship, a negative relationship, and a positive relationship), what types of results did you experience when diversity and inclusion were present in the company? Remember that diversity can be a multitude of dimensions, such as age, gender, race, ethnicity, religion, etc. After providing your experiences, discuss why you believe that results were no relationship, a negative relationship, or a positive relationship and the reasons for the results, such as the attitudes of the employees, lack of training on diversity, no leadership involvement, etc.

Finally, after reviewing the diversity and inclusion theories discussed this week, which diversity/inclusion theory do you believe the company relates the closest to (for positive relationships) or would have benefited from using (for no relationships or negative relationships)? For your peer reply, suggest changes that could have been made to the groups that either had a negative relationship or no relationship at all.

2.  Business experts suggest that the key to a successful workplace is a culture that is unified, empowers all employees, and focuses on the morale of employees in order to increase workplace productivity. In today’s organizations, we do have more diversity than ever before. This has presented some challenges, so when we consider the organization’s culture, it is important to understand how diversity does impact it.

Is a unified culture possible in a diverse workplace? For the discussion forum this week, please choose one side in this question, and explain your reasoning. In your peer responses, respond to a peer who has an opinion that differs from your own, and provide reasons as to why you disagree with their stance.

If you are unable to find a peer with whom you disagree, respond instead to a peer with whom you agree. What points did they have that resonated with you?

By posting in this forum, you will have a chance to engage in a learning activity that will allow you to be more self-aware of your attitudes regarding diversity and inclusivity and the role that these attitudes can play in shifting organizational inclusivity and diversity (Unit Learning Outcomes 2.1 and 2.2).

3. Completing this learning activity will help you to analyze an organization’s diversity so that you can begin to distinguish between healthy and dysfunctional thoughts and behaviors as they relate to diversity and inclusion (Unit Learning Outcome 3.2).

For this unit’s discussion, consider a company that you currently work for or have previously worked for. If you have not worked for a company, consider this university during your discussion.

Complete an internal analysis of how diverse your chosen company or university is. Consider the dimensions of diversity that you learned in Unit II to assess the diversity and inclusion in your organization. Provide a synopsis of the findings in your initial post, and discuss how the behaviors and thoughts on diversity in both the organization and the community have impacted its diversity.

If the company is quite diverse, provide your thoughts on how this has been accomplished. If the company is not diverse, provide your suggestions for improving diversity and inclusion in the organization.

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