1-4 mla style | Sociology homework help


Questions 1-4 MLA Style

Minimum length 1000 words (all 4 questions)


Please review the article below. You are welcome to research  any other articles that apply to this assignment including Chapter 12.  Please answer the following questions explaining three of the sociological perspectives.


1. Why are women largely excluded from the sport of American football? (10pts)

2. How does playing football challenge the femininity of women players? (10pts)

3. Why are some male players afraid to allow women on the field? (10pts)

4. What did the impact of COVID-19 have on the Vanderbilt football team? (10pts)

5. According to the symbolic interactionist perspective, we “do gender” in everything we do and all the time. T/F

6. The term gender bias refers to a society’s concept of how men and women are expected to act and behave. T/F

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